Best foods for the brain

The human brain is entirely a unique organ that should be taken care and fed by all positive things including the right types of foods to enhance its activities and functions. When the brain is in a good and healthy state, it renders the whole body comfortable, relaxed and happy. The best and natural thing one can do is to feed the brain with the right food types. ‘Nootro nerd’, a popular online website, provides the public with a well-laid down list of brain foods to aid in understanding how to keep your brain healthy.

The brain, like any other body part, should also be maintained clean. How? It should frequently be let to process clean thoughts, should be allowed to003 have enough rest, and when it’s time to work, it should also be allowed to think and expound on quite challenging issues and thoughts. This, together with the right types of foods makes the brain to proliferate and become sharp. All this being said let’s then focus on the top, or rather the best types of food to feed the brain.



Salmon, tuna, and other fish types are known to produce Omega-3 and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which are one of the most crucial supplements for aiding the health of the heart and ascertaining standard functionalities of the brain respectively. Omega-3 fatty acids lubricate the heart which in return necessitates even and optimal blood pumping to other body parts and also to the heart. This continuous blood flow de-contaminates the blood and ensures even distribution of oxygen enhancing the brain to function optimally.



“Brain berries” as they are normally called, are the brain’s security agents to protect it against oxidative stress and age-related conditions like dementia. Research showed that blueberries increased the learning and heightened-mental capacity.



The common fatty fruit known to most people, the avocado, its effect on the brain are comparable to those of blueberries. It helps a lot in aiding smooth blood flow through the blood vessels of the body. This continuous blood flow maintains continuous heightened functionalities of the brain as the brain is supplied with enough oxygen to rejuvenate it.


Seeds and Nuts


Vitamin E, known to be produced in ample quantities by both nuts and seeds, is a food supplement that aids in preventing a decline in the functionalities of the brain as one gets older. Cooked or not cooked doesn’t matter. They both work effectively. The common types of nuts and seeds are sunflower seeds peanuts, cashew nuts peanuts, flax seeds, sesame, almonds among many other types of nuts and seeds.…